Top Ten Reasons to Serve


  1. Serving in the school system that I graduated from, Columbus City Schools.
  2. The 45 minute bus ride to the High School in which I serve, Linden McKinley STEM Academy, in the company car, the COTA Bus.
  3. The group of young idealist I lead everyday that I love so much! Sarai Exil, Molly O’Brien, Jacqueline Gibbs, Dejuan Stevens, Crystal Mcdonald and Brittny Berry give it their all each and everyday, little do they know, I look up to them.
  4. My starfish story….Ralph*! 30 minutes of math tutoring and he was teaching his own peers how to do division and the promise I made to him that doing well in math impresses the girls he likes…I smile every time I think about that.
  5. Mr. Osborn’s 7th Grade science class, you’re my Panther!
  6. Readiness Check each and every morning, and the moment I did foot fires in front of the corps members while a student walked into the school at 7:00am, giving me a pleasantly confused face. (I wonder if she thinks I’m a weirdo.)
  7. The first day a student said “Mr. Roosevelt, could you come to my football game? It would mean a lot to me”
  8. The impact that I have everywhere in the community, everyone recognizes the fact that I serve, it makes me feel great and that feeling is priceless.
  9. The uniform in which I wear.  “Boots and shoes, black or white socks, pressed pants, belt, shirt tucked in, naming device, heart full of grace, smile on your face, open mind, positive can do, sooouuulllll generated by love, jewelry check (bling blingless), cell-phone check (ring ringless) I feel confident that I can do all things when I put on my uniform.
  10. The site in which I serve, City Year Columbus, also known as CYCO! (Psycho), I believe this fits us perfectly because we are CYCO, in a good way! From the early morning unity rally at the statehouse, the different personalities that fit together and the love throughout the village and community. When everything is hectic, we get things done the CYCO way! This gives me great honor and revere to stand up anywhere and say “Hi, my name is Roosevelt Williams, Team Leader  from City Year Columbus, and I proudly serve at Linden McKinley STEM Academy in Mr. Osborn’s 7th grade science class.

Ladies and gents, those are the reasons I love this extraordinary world in which I serve. “City Year what time is it? It’s time for us to represent with Spirit, Discipline, Purpose and Pride” Interested in walking in boots that make you a hero? Make a difference in the community, nation and world at

*Student’s names have been changed to protect their privacy