LMSA Resource Night

This Wednesday is Linden-McKinley’s 2nd annual resource night. It’s a night where our community gets to interact with a ton of resources in one convenient location. There are going to be games, door prizes, and a Daddy’s corner with complimentary haircuts and ties. I will be running a math booth, where participants will be given math problems and will shoot paper ball baskets into plastic cups with numbers written on them. Mathematical, right?  It is pretty much going to be the coolest event to happen since our Trick or Treat event last week. And that’s saying a lot, since we had over 300 folks in attendance. It will be at Linden McKinley STEM Academy this Wednesday, November 6th, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. I know I will be there– how about you?

–by Hope Hill, second year corps member of the ATT Team at Linden McKinley STEM Academy


Linden McKinley Talent Show

The excitement is bouncing off the walls of our new school. The whispers of children practicing their acts while they pretend to work on in-class assignments. The proud statements of the school as they welcome us with open arms to create a positive view of the school. The encouraging cheers from classmates as the students admit they are performing in our Talent Show.

This is an event you cannot miss.

On Thursday, February 9th at 6 pm, Linden-McKinley STEM Academy located on 1320 Duxberry Ave, Columbus, OH, 43211.  We will be hosting a Talent Show showcasing our 7th, 8th and 9th graders. Lights to decorations, ushers to stage crew, judges to emcees to singers, dancers, and actors, the kids are huge part of everything. Our event will also be showcasing a bit of talent from our Corps. The event will be held in the Cafeteria of the high school.

We hope you are able to join us!

Make A Difference

By: Roosevelt Williams

Every morning I wake up anticipating that it will be a good day

Still pondering on what could have been and the choices I have made yesterday

Asking myself “Did I make a difference?”

Looking at my clock, its 6:43, and time to hit the street

I-71 north which leads me to my destination

Home of the Linden- McKinley STEM Academy Panthers

Where the students look like me, with a different outlook on reality

See there reality is “GET IT OR GET GOT”

Crack babies, empty stomachs and no food in the fridge

Some kids don’t even know who their real parent is

But……..I look like them

Red vest, Khakis and Timbs will I make difference to at least one of these kids

So I lace my boots up, tuck my shirt in and put a smile on my face

Leading the best way I can

All I get is a stale face, fights, cursing and boredom

Still I tutor, mentor hoping to learn, lead and transform

But my starfish story just got written up on a peak form

Well, there goes my day

Nothing but second guesses and questions

I sleep at night and do it all again….

So every morning I wake up anticipating that it will be a good day

Still pondering on what could have been and the choices I have made yesterday

Asking myself “Did I make a difference?”

When I get approached by a student that says

“Hey Mr. Roosevelt, Thank you!”


By: Roosevelt Williams

This is the pledge our After-School Heroes said during Opening Day ceremonies at Linden McKinley STEM Academy. Crystal McDonald and I were sitting around thinking of a pledge for our heroes, and it clicked, “why don’t we modify the City Year pledge?” So after some brainstorming I give you the brand new After-School Heroes Pledge.


I pledge to serve as an After-School Hero

To honor the rules and expectations of After-School Heroes

To complete my homework and engage in civic leadership

To lead as I am following

To be kind and courteous to one another

Realizing that we are all connected

And I succeed only when my fellow Heroes succeed

I pledge to serve to not only make a difference in my community

But be the change in the world I wish to see

I am an After-School hero and I will

Learn, Lead and Transform

Top Ten Reasons to Serve


  1. Serving in the school system that I graduated from, Columbus City Schools.
  2. The 45 minute bus ride to the High School in which I serve, Linden McKinley STEM Academy, in the company car, the COTA Bus.
  3. The group of young idealist I lead everyday that I love so much! Sarai Exil, Molly O’Brien, Jacqueline Gibbs, Dejuan Stevens, Crystal Mcdonald and Brittny Berry give it their all each and everyday, little do they know, I look up to them.
  4. My starfish story….Ralph*! 30 minutes of math tutoring and he was teaching his own peers how to do division and the promise I made to him that doing well in math impresses the girls he likes…I smile every time I think about that.
  5. Mr. Osborn’s 7th Grade science class, you’re my Panther!
  6. Readiness Check each and every morning, and the moment I did foot fires in front of the corps members while a student walked into the school at 7:00am, giving me a pleasantly confused face. (I wonder if she thinks I’m a weirdo.)
  7. The first day a student said “Mr. Roosevelt, could you come to my football game? It would mean a lot to me”
  8. The impact that I have everywhere in the community, everyone recognizes the fact that I serve, it makes me feel great and that feeling is priceless.
  9. The uniform in which I wear.  “Boots and shoes, black or white socks, pressed pants, belt, shirt tucked in, naming device, heart full of grace, smile on your face, open mind, positive can do, sooouuulllll generated by love, jewelry check (bling blingless), cell-phone check (ring ringless) I feel confident that I can do all things when I put on my uniform.
  10. The site in which I serve, City Year Columbus, also known as CYCO! (Psycho), I believe this fits us perfectly because we are CYCO, in a good way! From the early morning unity rally at the statehouse, the different personalities that fit together and the love throughout the village and community. When everything is hectic, we get things done the CYCO way! This gives me great honor and revere to stand up anywhere and say “Hi, my name is Roosevelt Williams, Team Leader  from City Year Columbus, and I proudly serve at Linden McKinley STEM Academy in Mr. Osborn’s 7th grade science class.

Ladies and gents, those are the reasons I love this extraordinary world in which I serve. “City Year what time is it? It’s time for us to represent with Spirit, Discipline, Purpose and Pride” Interested in walking in boots that make you a hero? Make a difference in the community, nation and world at www.cityyear.org.

*Student’s names have been changed to protect their privacy

Life on the Balcony

By our guest blogger, Jack Wolfe

We have a rule in City Year called “Get to the Balcony, Get on the Dance Floor,” which more or less means that great leaders alternate between action and reflection.   For our purposes, the “dance floor” is in-school service, and the “balcony” is everything else: the after school debriefs, the Idealist’s Journey, training sessions, and the conversations we have with each other between projects.  The Idealist’s Journey workbook states, “The best leaders will make a move on the dance floor, then quickly get to the balcony to observe how their actions influence the situation and then get right back on the dance floor to make their next move.”

Last year, as a first-time Corps Member, I got plenty of “dance floor.”  Oh yes.  I danced my socks off at LMSA.  There was constant action at the school… my 7th grade science classroom was always itching for assistance, whether it took the form of 1-on-1 instruction or larger-scale behavior management.   I didn’t need coffee, or even much sleep: adrenaline was my drug of choice.  I gave that school most of what I had… which didn’t leave a lot for reflection.   My LMSA days were some of the most profound in my life, but they were also isolated, in a way, from the “big picture” of educational issues in America.

This year is very different.  I’m a Project Leader now, which means less school time, and far more opportunities to just sit and think.  And sit.  And think.  I’m in the office five days a week.  I no longer have to chase kids, or raise my voice, or step into fights in desperate attempt to prevent any major facial injuries.   There are times when I’m dancing with rest of the Corps— I go to the afterschool programs every so often, and I spearhead our monthly Saturday programs— but for the most part, I’m stuck on the balcony.  I’m watching and wondering at my school-bound buddies, thinking about how to improve their experiences.

It’s a privilege, in a lot of ways.  I’m just far enough from the “daily grind” of tutoring and mentoring to read extensively about education… I’m submerging myself in the work of Diane Ravitch and Jonathan Kozol and Jeanne Chall.  I’m never too exhausted to remember exactly what I’m doing and why.  But it’s a pretty weird experience, too.  I know our service partners and a lot of the students we work with, so I can relate to our first-year Corps.  But I’m not there with them.   It’s one thing to talk and think about our work— to plan LACY events and service projects— and it’s quite another to actually do it.  It takes serious guts to get up and go to school every day.  For me, the mornings prior to LMSA were filled with an anxious dread, a feeling I didn’t get over until I was with my team and ready to go.  These days, I just get up, and things are peachy keen.

The balance of “balcony” and “dance floor” is difficult to maintain in this organization.  When you’re at school, the kids are your life; when you’re at the office, ideas, plans, and logistics rule.   As someone pretty firmly entrenched in the latter location, I relish the chance to be with our Corps and hear their stories.  My position can be awfully amorphous: some days, I’m scanning a million documents; other days, I’m manning tables for our sponsors; some other days, I help out LMSA with their after-school insanity.  Our first-years define my work: they remind me of our organization’s purpose, as well as what I can do to inspire more effective, more educated, and more involved leaders.