Man Down.

Greetings from the USS Sickness,

The Linden-McKinley Team has plagued by sickness this week and it would be fair to say that even if we are not under the weather it is effecting all of us. I was out on Monday and my students were not afraid to let me know how important it is to be in school whenever you can.

I walked into my Freshman Seminar class to a slurry of harsh words,
“Where were you?”

“Miss Hope skipped class. She should get a Wednesday school for that!”

When I told them that I missed because I was sick, they felt sorry for me for about a second and then launched back into their assault.

“I’m not going to class if you are not going to go.”

“If you liked us, you would be here everyday.”

They might be 14 and 15 years old but they know how to kick you when you are down. I wanted to promise each and every one of them that I would be in all of their classes from here to graduation but I can’t. There will be days when I am sick, or have family issues or other unavoidable circumstances where I will not be there for my students. The only thing I can do is give them 110% when I am there and work my hardest to prepare them for the that days when I am not around.


Linden McKinley Talent Show

The excitement is bouncing off the walls of our new school. The whispers of children practicing their acts while they pretend to work on in-class assignments. The proud statements of the school as they welcome us with open arms to create a positive view of the school. The encouraging cheers from classmates as the students admit they are performing in our Talent Show.

This is an event you cannot miss.

On Thursday, February 9th at 6 pm, Linden-McKinley STEM Academy located on 1320 Duxberry Ave, Columbus, OH, 43211.  We will be hosting a Talent Show showcasing our 7th, 8th and 9th graders. Lights to decorations, ushers to stage crew, judges to emcees to singers, dancers, and actors, the kids are huge part of everything. Our event will also be showcasing a bit of talent from our Corps. The event will be held in the Cafeteria of the high school.

We hope you are able to join us!

Make A Difference

By: Roosevelt Williams

Every morning I wake up anticipating that it will be a good day

Still pondering on what could have been and the choices I have made yesterday

Asking myself “Did I make a difference?”

Looking at my clock, its 6:43, and time to hit the street

I-71 north which leads me to my destination

Home of the Linden- McKinley STEM Academy Panthers

Where the students look like me, with a different outlook on reality

See there reality is “GET IT OR GET GOT”

Crack babies, empty stomachs and no food in the fridge

Some kids don’t even know who their real parent is

But……..I look like them

Red vest, Khakis and Timbs will I make difference to at least one of these kids

So I lace my boots up, tuck my shirt in and put a smile on my face

Leading the best way I can

All I get is a stale face, fights, cursing and boredom

Still I tutor, mentor hoping to learn, lead and transform

But my starfish story just got written up on a peak form

Well, there goes my day

Nothing but second guesses and questions

I sleep at night and do it all again….

So every morning I wake up anticipating that it will be a good day

Still pondering on what could have been and the choices I have made yesterday

Asking myself “Did I make a difference?”

When I get approached by a student that says

“Hey Mr. Roosevelt, Thank you!”


By: Roosevelt Williams

This is the pledge our After-School Heroes said during Opening Day ceremonies at Linden McKinley STEM Academy. Crystal McDonald and I were sitting around thinking of a pledge for our heroes, and it clicked, “why don’t we modify the City Year pledge?” So after some brainstorming I give you the brand new After-School Heroes Pledge.


I pledge to serve as an After-School Hero

To honor the rules and expectations of After-School Heroes

To complete my homework and engage in civic leadership

To lead as I am following

To be kind and courteous to one another

Realizing that we are all connected

And I succeed only when my fellow Heroes succeed

I pledge to serve to not only make a difference in my community

But be the change in the world I wish to see

I am an After-School hero and I will

Learn, Lead and Transform