And now it’s time for… Miss Mac’s Spirit Feel Good

By: Crystal Mcdonald

You know as a corps member, it gets hard sometimes and you may have to check yourself, bring some things back in order, revamp your strategy, switch up the game plan, and envision the bigger picture. You must always keep the main goal out front.

So I’m here to help you with that. You can think of me as your

self-appointed guru. Don’t worry I will keep it short and sweet as to not accrue any fees on your behalf…

1st Session: Your Zion

While Zion is a term synonymous withJerusalem, I like to think of it as my happy place; a world much different from what is presented. As an activist, I feel we face the challenge of attempting to change the way people think and the way things are while facing reality and incorporating it into our plan. This can cause us to react a few different ways. We can either see our efforts in the situation as futile and dire or we try to only focus on what we want to happen. To not get caught in this downward spiral of hopelessness, we should center ourselves in the eye of the storm.  Taking the good with the bad and realizing that the damage done could always be worse and that seeing that the damage better equips us to rebuild and restore in the future. Your Zion is the reason you do it all and as long as you have reason you have possibilities.