Why Join City Year?

eosAre you a recent college or high school graduate? Do you like working with students? Have you observed that there is room for improvement with the education system in our country? Do you want to make a difference in this world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the answer for you!

Welcome to City Year; an AmeriCorps program that works in inner city schools to help at-risk students get back on track and graduate on time. As a City Year Corps Member, you will work on a team of young, idealistic adults who serve in classrooms to assist students with English, mathematics, behavior and attendance.

Enough with the business pitch; what are the REAL reasons you should join City Year? Let me give you five:

  1. Super Cool Uniforms! Suddenly, you transform from an average joe, to a super hero in a Red Jacket. You are a symbol of hope and trust, not to mention that jacket looks amazing with a pair of khakis!
  2. Friendships! You will literally live, eat, breathe, learn, cry and grow with the same group of people for 10 months… friendship? I’d say more like family.
  3. Professional Development! Can you see yourself as an all-star teacher? A CEO? Doctor? City Year lets you hit the ground running as you learn to challenge your comfort zones and expand your horizons.(Not to mention it looks GREAT on a resume).
  4. “For the cash, yo.” No, most people do not do this for the money… while the living stipend provided is not one for luxury, it does give you enough to live comfortably. BONUS: When you finish your 1700 hours, you will receive a scholarship which you can put towards your own educational dreams! Building others up and yourself at the same time: Can you say DOUBLE WIN?
  5. Last and most importantly: You have the opportunity to change the life of at least one child. And that is a beautiful thing.

The benefits of this program are more than a blog post can explain. City Year is your opportunity to leave your mark on someone’s heart, infuse hope where it has been lost and take part in something that is greater than yourself. The experience is almost inexplicable… but I can promise you, if you join City Year; it will change you for the better.

-Emily O’Sullivan, Team Leader ’14-’15 CYCO


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