What do Red Jackets do?

 COTA tweets


COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority) is a huge supporter of us here at City Year Columbus. They donate all of our bus passes every year so we’re able to zip around the city. Whether we’re going to or from service, hanging out as a corps, or relaxing on our own, it’s so much easier when we ride COTA. Check out these tweets from our corps and see for yourself!

Thanks, COTA, for supporting us and for all that you do!

–Hope Hill, 2nd Year Corps Member


2 thoughts on “What do Red Jackets do?

  1. I got accepted for the 2014-2015 term and I am so excited! Since I am from Cali I was wondering on the best methods for transportation. It seem you all like the COTA and makes me breathe a bit easier.

    • Yes, COTA or the Central Ohio Transport Authority is one of our sponsors they graciously provide our bus passes during our year of service. It’s an easy way to get all around the city. Please let us know if you have more questions, thanks for reading.

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