Targeted Intervention

Mifflin Middle School team at Parents, Friends and Family Weekend

One of the students that I work with really struggles with math. City Year’s focus on computational fluency really applies to this particular student as I could see her struggle with basic multiplication and addition. The underdevelopment of these skills was causing her to make significant mistakes on her course work. Upon recognizing this, I began pulling her out of class to focus on fact families. After she was able to see the relationship within fact families clearly, we moved on to how this skill applied to her current course work. After seeing this, she not only improved the quality of work she turned in, but she told me that she had gone home to practice her multiplication tables. Her willingness to improve and independently cultivate her own skills inspires me to do the same. I am grateful for the time I have to work with her this year and to see her grow into her full academic potential.

— Sophia Antoun, first year corps member Mifflin Middle School

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