Mifflin High School 101


Hey Punchers, we touch the ground…

A lot of people have the wrong idea about Mifflin. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like it should be a City Year school at all. The school pops up suddenly in a very nice, very quiet suburb. A high-end shopping center sits just around the corner. The building itself is outdated, but nothing garners immediate attention.

Of course, all of us at CYCO have figured out that things are more complicated with MHS than the neighborhood it’s in. Part of City Year’s mission has been to engage the community with their school, forming partnerships and spreading the word.

We bring it back up and break it down…

Our school has a culture that is so unique. Our Diplomas Now team was immediately welcomed as staff with warmth and appreciation into the school. The principal engages with the students on a very personal level, and the idea of the school as a family is pushed very strongly.

The fact that our students travel long distances to get to Mifflin presents unique challenges, but our team has still seen great success with our large-scale afterschool events. We have also seen great data come out of our turnaround, with 89% of our freshman promoting to their sophomore year on track and on time last year. This year our goal is for that number to reach 95%, and our team believes we can achieve that and more.

We stretch (whoo). We stretch! (whoo!)

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Come by Mifflin High School anytime and see it for yourself. Our next event, College Night, is on November 22nd. This event will feature two exciting parts. The night begins with our College Fair, beginning at 4:30pm. More than 12 universities will be present, as well as representatives specializing in admissions, college essays, and financial aid. This fun and informative event will be followed by our second annual Step Show, with community and university step teams performing and pushing the importance of education. The step show will begin at 6pm. Join us, check out the Punchers, and maybe get some information for your LACY, too!

– Mirria Martin, second year corps member of the Chase Team at Mifflin High School


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