Greetings from Weinland Park

by Zandra Casto

Greetings from Weinland Park! We’ve been diligent and strategic about our time with our students and it is paying off! On Tuesday, March 12, while I was working with my small AM group I had great progress with all my students! One student had increased their WCPM (words correct per minute) by OVER 40 words! Another student has become self-motivated and asked me if he turned in his homework if he could get an extra sticker. I agreed, of course, explaining to him that it is up to him to do his homework then show it to me in the morning to receive the sticker. Today he came in smiling ear to ear so excited and showed me his COMPLETED homework!! He asked if we could keep doing this and I said ‘as long as you keep up the excellent work!’
It’s little joys like this where I can see the progress in my students and I can show them their successes so they know they are capable of GREAT things!

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