Students at A.C.E.S.

Students at A.C.E.S.

By Diana Kwacz

Everyday after students have fulfilled their duties from teachers, a limited number are lucky enough to participate in A.C.E.S. (After School Program through Community Leaders, Educators, and Students). A.C.E.S. aligns with Weinland Park’s strategies to create interconnected enrichment activities to progress student’s skills. A.C.E.S. consists of five different groups ranging from kindergarten to fifth graders, each with an instructor from the Godman Guild and City Year. A.C.E.S. also opens up its doors to any volunteers that are willing to donate their time once or twice a week to come work with the students.

Throughout A.C.E.S. children get to experience a wide variety of exciting activities including trips to the zoo, visits from COSI, cooking days and club days such as “Techie Club”. During the everyday routine at A.C.E.S. children have scheduled time to work on homework, have a nutritious snack, play outside and complete an enrichment activity. Enrichment activities focus on relevant areas that students work on during regular school hours. Leaders from the Godman Guild plan in advance creative ways to make these topics exciting for the children. City Year participates as support to their Godman Guild partner with the option of planning an itinerary if we want to take on the challenge!


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