Spring Break into Service!

By: Christine Olding

Being a real adult can be challenging; paying bills, rent, gas, utilities AND only getting ten days of vacation time? Talk about rough, especially when you’ve gone to school for 17+ years. That’s why, when I found out that our spring break service was building a set for a musical one of our service partners is producing, I was a little concerned. The reason being is simple, it’s tiring working with kids for ten hours a day and I know how much all of us could use a break. I know that we only have seven weeks left but have you ever seen kids during the spring time? It’s a little crazy to say the least. So, building a set from scratch seemed like a little much for any of us to handle.

However, I was seriously mistaken. It’s surprising what a week of something new can do. Though, we are all exhausted and a little on edge about our futures, we have come together to create something truly magical for the students some of us work with. The set is going to be for an elementary school musical production of the Broadway hit, “Annie”. The set consists of New York City buildings, beds, orphan walls, a stage, a curtain and a two-story 3-D replica of a building created with milk crates.   The majority of the set was created using milk crates, foam insulation boards, ply-wood, two-by-fours and paint. A lot of creativity, patience and labor were needed to make sure that each aspect of this mammoth project is fit for the big stage. Since, all of us have differing talents, it was important that we utilized all aspects of those talents. We had to stretch ourselves in a variety of directions (even uncomfortable ones) in order to create what was needed.

Though, it would’ve been nice to sleep in a few days, this week has been rewarding in a multitude of ways. It has allowed me to work with fellow Corps members that I don’t have much of an opportunity to see during the normal service week. It has, also, allowed me to spend a week away from my school and spend time doing something I might never have the opportunity to do again, be a part of an elementary school musical. I mean, come on, how adorable is that? So, even though being a real adult can be rough at times, it can also be so worth it.


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