Good Days at Linden:

By: Sarai Exil

At this point, good days are hard to find in the months of February and March. Days lag on as my students fail to remember the lessons they learned from last semester, so I’ve ended up with several students acting out. With a block schedule (longer class periods) I’ve had to understand a new teacher’s procedures and how they affect my students. Ultimately, this is frustrating since my students are frustrated with the new schedule and subject. I want to simply remind them of how well they did last semester in mathematics, but comparing the two classes (Math and English) seems pointless when the subject and teaching styles are so different.  Due to a build up of exhaustion throughout the Corps, from the entirety of the year, extra curricular activities have become the misfits of tasks to complete. As a result, more work was created for those of us who have a fear of failure (Me! Me! Me!). On top of that, the 7th graders graciously passed their sickness of Strep Throat my way which quarantined me for five days in my lonely apartment wishing for the powerful sun to stop hiding behind those bewitching clouds (*heaving sigh*)!

City Year can be a little much for a drama queen like me.

After being sick for such a long time, I awakened with a new sense of purpose and pride for my Corps year. I can’t tell you how it happened, but I can say that I really missed my kids. At school, I walked into the awaiting arms of my students who had been afraid I had left for good, the goofy smiles of my co-workers as we basked in the wholeness of our team and the relieved slouches of my teachers as we prepared for the week.

Nothing can touch me. No drama. No fear. No bad attitudes. No resubmissions of OnCorps.

I’m just too happy to be back.

I’m not Ms. Positivity. I don’t always see the good before the bad. I can be a critical and realistic person, which makes me the perfect candidate for the Ms. Non- Idealist award at times.

But honestly, I love City Year. I enjoy executing powerful service in my school and community, working with these disadvantaged youths (New Girl anybody? Anybody?), understanding where my co-worker’s are coming from in times of disagreement, sitting in tense training meetings, and planning after-school activities that require my innovative mind.  By having this perspective, I’ve created a desire to return next year to inspire next year’s Corps to strive for change, compassion, spirit, empathy, discipline, vision and purpose, excellence, and pride.

I just have three more months to make an impact on my school.

And I’m giving it my all.


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