What is City Year? A Child’s Perspective

By: Christine Olding

For the past five and a half months, you as readers have read countless tails of what City Year is to us, how we have been changed and what we want to implement to continue that change. With that said, I felt that it would be a glorious idea for you to get a taste of what City Year is and who I am from the mouths of the students that I tutor on a daily basis.  A few days ago I asked my two tutoring groups the same five questions: What is City Year to you? How does City Year help you? What is your favorite part of tutoring with Miss Christine? What is your least favorite part of tutoring with Miss Christine? Three words that describe Miss Christine (you’ll see shortly that the three word limit was rarely taken seriously).  Here are the responses of seven out of the eight students I work with on a daily basis (take note that these are word for word responses that I received):

Names of children have been changed to protect their privacy

What is your City Year to you?

Bri: Fun!

Shawny: Fun and cool and incredible and special!

John: Exciting!

Kayla: Exceptional, smart, nice and some City Years are beautiful.

Dennis: I like City Year because they help me with my homework because I need to be helped and I can have fun and talk to my friends.

Sean: I like City Year helping me with my homework.

Daryl: Help you with homework and take you out for tutoring.

How does City Year help you?

Bri: Teach us manners and how to be good.

Shawny: They help you be smart and stay out of trouble.

John: Learn sounds

Kayla: Have us put words together and help us get our grades up.

Dennis: I can understand when they explain things to me.

Sean: Helps me with my homework

Daryl: By tutoring me and it helps me with my homework

What is your favorite part about tutoring with Miss Christine?

Bri: Doing the work that I get

Shawy: Play games with Miss Christine

John:  Reading

Kayla: When she lets us play games, gives us snacks and when we be getting on her nerves she don’t be yelling at us!

Dennis: Miss Christine helps us with the reading and questions I have and my writing.  We be having fun!

Sean: Doing work with Miss Christine

Daryl: Doing work and playing games

What is your least favorite part of tutoring with Miss Christine?

Bri: It can be boring sometimes.

Shawny: When other people in our group are being disrespectful.

John: That we have to sit down!

Kayla: We always have to leave.

Dennis: Reading

Sean: Writing

Daryl: Writing

Three Words to Describe Miss Christine:

Bri: Nice, pretty, special and she wears pretty clothes

Shawny: Nice, pretty, has long hair, wears glasses, nose pierced, I like her tattoo, very pink lips and she wears pretty rings

John: White, sassy and blonde hair

Kayla: Nice tattoo, works for City Year, good drawer and very rich

Dennis: Writer, nice and helpful

Sean: Nice, funny and silly

Darryl: Funny laugh kind of like a pig, nice and “cool your jetties!”


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