What I am Thankful For

 By: Brittny Berry

Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner I thought I would share something with you guys that I have recently become grateful for.

Every morning I take the number 2 bus down high street to LMSA; last week I decided to take an earlier bus due to being late a few times and I am so happy that I did. It’s a little harder to wake up earlier and at first I was a little grumpy, but as I got off the bus on the first day I heard “Hey City Year!” behind me. I turned around and running to catch up with me was an 8th grader at LMSA named Lavint, I had never met him prior to that day. Needless to say, I was no longer grumpy as he came up to me and bombarded me with all kinds of questions about whether or not I like being at Linden-McKinley. As we walked up Arcadia Ave. he asked me about college and what I majored in and how I like City Year; he then proceeded to tell me his master plan to get straight A’s at school so he could attend Harvard for architecture. It made my day. The next day he was doing his homework on the bus and almost missed his stop and told me that luckily he saw me get off the bus so he got off too. This time he told me who his favorite artist is and what he wants for Christmas this year. In those two days I started to look forward to my bus ride. Yesterday I took the later bus and immediately regretted it. When I got to school he had told Molly I missed his bus. I have only known Lavint for two days and our conversations were short, but because of his comment I realized that he must have been looking for me that morning to have someone to talk to on the way to school.

I’m thankful this November for Lavint and the heart warming conversations we have had this week; for me it’s a readiness check before readiness check and it helps me to be on time. I never want to miss the early bus again because I know there’s a little boy waiting for me every day to walk to school together. Thanks Lavint!



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