A Sit Down with our New Executive Director, Todd Tuney

What drew you to becoming a part of City Year?

The thought of  working with a corps of young idealistic leaders. Helping to transform education in schools and communities and helping to lead that effort.

 What goals do you have for the organization short term and long term?

My short term goals are to fortify where we are at currently.  We need to stabilize the organization financially and start to build on, develop and create new relationships with funders and stakeholders.

 My long term goals are to use the leverage from strong relationships with stake holders and funders to improve our ability to have an impact.  We can do this by growing the corps and developing a reputation with the district, city and private sector that we are an organization that makes a difference, is good to partner with, and that is recognizable not only due to red jackets but the service we do.  The only way to do that is to have an internal sense of a high functioning organization from the top down.

 What did you learn when visiting the schools that we serve?

I learned that we have a tremendous challenge in front of us. However, I saw in our corps members this passion and desire to do all that it takes to make a difference in all of the lives of the kids we serve. I saw hope, opportunity and a strong resilient corps that I look forward to visiting more.

 What has surprised you about City Year?

What has surprised me the most so far is the ability to do so much with so little. Everyone I have met is extremely capable and performing at such a high level with the limited resources we have.  It is outstanding.  It makes me wonder that if we get to a point where we have all the right resources in place just how much impact we can make on the City of Columbus.

What do you think is the greatest obstacle to City Year’s goals?

That one’s a little more difficult.  Always lack of resources is a constant struggle with any organization.  More importantly however we must be responsible with our resources and ensure that we are optimizing them as efficiently as possible. 

What role has education played in your life?

Man that’s huge, my Dad and Mom always emphasized the importance of education and the doors that it can open.  I have seen where education has done this in my life but I have also witnessed what a lack of education can do as well.  Several of my friends who didn’t have the educational opportunities I had seemed at times to believe they were unable to overcome certain challenges or obstacles put before them.  When it comes to me, I believe with the education I received, I feel like there is nothing I cannot overcome

What experiences from previous positions do you bring to City Year?

Well that remains to fully be seen but one thing from Limited Brands that I bring is a commitment to excellence, quality and values.  Instilling strong values into culture on how we operate as organization and the work that we do.  Another thing that was so impactful at Limited is whatever we did we did to the highest quality.  Whatever we were working on it had to be done well.  I believe these qualities and expectations align well with City Year as an organization.


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