How we came together

By: Roosevelt Williams

It was a Friday morning at Unity Rally, the sun shined on me with malice. The dominance of the piercing heat led to me to beleive that this was going to be a day to remember.  The previous day in my eyes,  had left my team in complete disarray which consequently revealed issues that needed to be addressed.  That evening, I went home and took a look at what the issues were.  I mean, we have an all-star team I thought to myself.  First there is Crystal.  She is the country girl with that dominant personality and soft heart, it takes more than a code to crack her… she’s my backbone.  Next we have Sarai.  She is often misunderstood by the society in which we serve because of her proficient knowledge, assertiveness and independence….I like to call her my brain.  After that is Jackie-O.    She’s that far out groovy girl full of constant laughter that everyone can dig, but don’t confuse that with ineptitude.   She’s very adept and aware of the social issues that we face and for that…she’s my personality.  Following is my fellow male team member, D’Jaun.   D’Jaun is actually quite the character, a Columbus high school graduate with the business oriented style.  He has a laid back personality but is extremely serious about his work… he gives me my demeanor.   Then there is Britney!  She is your poster corps member, with a receptive heart and open mind, she has the ability to absorb a lot of pressure and dissect it with a lot of intuitive patience.  Last but certainly not least, we have Molly.  She a jack of all trades:  smart, witty, even motherly.   Most importantly, Molly can get you on your game really quick… she’s my voice.

The funny thing about all of our different traits is that they really allow us to identify with each other.  This was hard to notice at first because as first year Team Leader, I in initially felt overwhelmed by all the responsibilities the position entails.  It’s very apparent at times that I am a first year Team Leader and that this is everyone’s first year with City Year and LMSA.  Every day we are faced with situations that we may feel incompetent to solve ourselves, I take it very personal when I can’t “save the day” or have “the solution” right away. This left us as a team in a sticky situation because we started questioning and doubting ourselves which led to a lack of trust and respect for each other. Conflicts began to arise on our team because of this.  I felt that intervention was needed during Team planning time on Friday.  This meeting soon turned into a Heart-to-Heart where I stressed that our team dynamics that were lacking and the importance of them committing to the team and our mission.  Tears, emotions and encouragement soon followed and finally the room was graced with something that I haven’t seen in a while, a genuine smile from each and every corps member in the room..  I knew at that moment we became a team.


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