By: Sarai Exil


Funny word … isn’t it?

It’s like a seed planted in May finally blooming in August.

I have no patience.

I’m never really calm.

I struggle with waiting for results, even though I know they are eventually going to happen.  Man, I struggle with incompetence.  People’s inability to understand certain aspects of life. Young Adults who don’t realize their potential, so they sit in the classroom with their head’s down complaining of a headache.

Problem is … City Year requires a WHOLE lot of patience.

with myself…..

with kids.
with teachers.
with administration.
with staff.
with Senior Corp Members.
with Corp Members.
with friends.
with roommates.
with pedestrians …

And when I get a little frustrated …

It builds up like
a volcano, dormant
and beautiful and


Everyone is in the line of fire.

When you’re tired and confused, you are never in the right state of mind.

That’s where awesome friends who only want the best for you, come in.

Jackie is this great girl who is always smiling. One smile from her and all my troubles seem to fly away.

Crystal is the loudest female you’ll ever meet, and sometimes she doesn’t even know how loud she is … but never once have I felt insignificant around her.  Her laugh … I can’t really even describe her laugh;  it’s kind of like a hyena.  Man, do I love her.  She’s a great one to bounce your ideas off of, and always has an open ear.

Jack, the Training Project Leader for City Year, is one helpful kid. He is just always there when I have something on mind. He’s a bit crazy, but you can’t help but love him.

And my favorite of ALL, my lovely roommate, Melissa! If I didn’t have Melissa, I think I would have given up on all my hopes and goals for City Year.  Honestly, I have been blessed with a roommate who cares about me enough to listen to my entire day with no bias … until the end.  She’s my special Puerto Rican guru.

I sometimes get so bogged down by all the little details that I forget how blessed I am to be with all of these wonderful Corp members.  All I know is that by the end of this year, with the help of all of these leaders,  I will have developed patience.

And I’m already grateful.


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