Roosevelt’s’ Nature Theory

By: Roosevelt Williams

What’s your favorite animal? Hmmmm….interesting, well mine is a Lion.  Crazy I would pick the king of the jungle (yea I know). So how does a lion relate to my academic success?  Well that is what I am here to explain to you today.  Lets take a look at the lion at the top of the hill…(crocodile hunter voice) low and behold, there is a buffet of sheep at the bottom of a hill.  Now let’s brainstorm some good ways for this lion to catch his prey.  The lion could gracefully prance down the hill and attack the sheep, but they would see him and run away…NO BUENO! Maybe the lion could stealthily walk down the hill as meek as a mouse and have a feast…one by one…There are a myriad of ways that the lion could accomplish his goal.

 Now it’s time to flip the page and take a look on how I used this to tackle my daily academic problems. As a young lad, I used to dive into schoolwork not really reading any of the questions or directions.  This left me high and dry with the sour patch kid face…So as the young punk, trial and error became my best friend, which led to inefficient and incorrect results.  Then I discovered “Animal Planet”.  I came across the Lion and how he hunts his prey.  He is very methodical and careful with how he goes about his business.  It was at this moment that I got it!!!! I applied that same theory to my studies and sooner than later I was taking my time with problems knocking them down one by one! Was it always easy? Not at all, but with patience, practice and consistency you can be like the king of the jungle, the mighty lion.  Instead of eating prey, however, you are solving problems! I like to call this wonderful realization “Roseys’ Nature Theory”.  Just as I found this connection to motivate myself to excel in school, I hope to help my students find a connection of their own.


One thought on “Roosevelt’s’ Nature Theory

  1. I can’t believe I’m just now reading this. It is the greatest thing I’ve ever read. Only problem is that I’m pretty sure female lions do all the hunting…

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