Meet the Blog Dream Team; Part 5

Crystal McDonald

Welcome all to the exciting world of service and I will be one of your guides… Miss MAC (standing ovation, loud cheers and applause in the background)!!!  Hello all,  my name is Crystal McDonald but I go by Crystal Mac, C-Mac and as aforementioned Miss Mac, but for the sake of professionalism, you can call me Crystal Mac. =) Anywho, I guess I should say a little more about myself. I am originally from the little town of Hamlet, North Carolina (how ironic that a small town would be named Hamlet, which by definition is exactly what a hamlet is). I attended and recently graduated from the wonderful University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  I majored in Communications with a concentration in Media Productions and minored in Social and Economic Justice.  While I have always been a part of a  semi-diverse environment, it was at UNC that I really begin to diversify my mind as well and my ultimate transformation took place.  I tend to liken myself to Malcolm X in that he was a truly dynamic character, a person who had the ability to change his strategy and himself while keeping the same goal in mind.  He opened his heart as well as his mind only after gaining a  true realization of the world as it was and the way he wished it to be.  As Mecca was to him, UNC was for me;  that has to be one thing I appreciate most about college (besides getting to see our basketball team become NCAA National Champions, I had to throw that in).

I majored in Media Productions because I thought that that would be the best way to impact people’s lives because who doesn’t watch television. I wanted to totally revamp TV and give more of the truth and less of the agenda-driven propaganda that we consume as facts.  I came to City Year because my passion has recently shifted however.  I realized that the problem is that people rely on television as their sole source of information because so many people can’t even read or are too unmotivated to read or they lack the resources to learn how to read.  So one day a light bulb just went off…BING…and I knew that education was the true platform and that teaching is the best way to educate.  So here is City Year serving as the avenue into my teaching career.  It’s funny because I originally applied for City Year Philadelphia and was transferred to Columbus, but I honestly feel this is where I was supposed to be all along.  City Year…How y’all feeling??? FIRED UP!!!


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