Meet the Blog Dream Team; Part 2

Jacqueline Gibbs

What it dooooo! I am delighted to be apart of the blog team for City Year Columbus 2011-2012 corps team this year. I will be working alongside with six other corps members at the LindenMcKinleySTEMAcademywhere together we will take on the role of mentors and tutors for 7-9th graders.

I would like to begin by introducing myself. I was born in Montgomery,Maryland where I lived until thirteen years old when my family moved to Ashland, Ohio. I am the second oldest in a family of two stepbrothers and six stepsisters. The initial response to my large family never ceases to humor me. The winning responses are, “Oh you must be Catholic” and “What do we have here, the new day and age Von Trap Family Singers”. The truth of the matter is I was raised Catholic but believe it or not that played no role in the size of my family and we do not sing in groups, contrary to popular belief. That being said, family is very important to me, and being one of the oldest, I feel a responsibility to set high standards and implement educational success to my siblings.

Due to my stepfather’s business, my family moved around a lot as I was growing up, so unlike most children I was taught in the home for most of my childhood. While being homeschooled set me apart from many educational opportunities, I’ve had my older sister to look up to who was always very supportive of my academic life.  Due to the fact that I’ve had this privilege, I would like to enhance the lives of students who are not as fortunate as I was.

I am a recent graduate from The Ohio State University with an undergraduate degree in English Education and an Art Minor.  Throughout my educational experience I have developed a passion to become a teacher.  I hope to one day obtain my licensure in AYA Integrated Language Arts.  With that said, I realized how beneficial it would be for me to work with the age group at LMSA.   I also wanted to participate in a change of educational environment.  This is what led me to City Year.

During my college experience I have had the opportunity to travel abroad and live in Quito, Ecuador for three months while studying Spanish. Having this experience has sparked my interest in different cultures and has motivated me to embark on a mission to travel the world someday. In the meantime, while my finances are limited, I like to entertain myself with reading, writing, and riding my beach cruiser bicycle (Which I like to call The Yellow Banana). I am fascinated by Art and particularly enjoy working with sculpting clay and drawing with chalk. I try to the find the most humor out of all situations, which has entitled me to the ultimate nickname, “giggles”.

I believe that everyone is entitled to success and as a City Year corps member I hope to enhance my students’ perspectives on the importance education plays in finding success.

I hope that you enjoy following me on my journey as a City Year corps member this year at Linden McKinley High School.


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